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Writing Islam From A South Asian Muslim Perspective 2016

RRP $247.99

This book explores whether the post-9/11 novels of Rushdie, Hamid, Aslam and Shamsie can be read as part of an attempt to revise modern 'knowledge' of the Islamic world, using globally-distributed English-language literature to reframe Muslims' potential to connect with others. Focussing on novels including Shalimar the Clown, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Wasted Vigil, and Burnt Shadows, the author combines aesthetic, historical, political and spiritual considerations with analyses of the popular discourses and critical discussions surrounding the novels; and scrutinises how the writers have been appropriated as authentic spokespeople by dominant political and cultural forces. Finally, she explores how, as writers of Indian and Pakistani origin, Rushdie, Hamid, Aslam and Shamsie negotiate their identities, and the tensions of being seen to act as Muslim representatives, in relation to the complex international and geopolitical context in which they write.

Philosophie Asiatique/ Asian Philosophy

RRP $1.00

The present publication is a continuation of two earlier series of chronicles, Philosophy in the Mid-Century (Firenze 1958/59) and Contemporary Philosophy (Firenze 1968), edited by Raymond Klibansky. As with the earlier series the present surveys purport to give a survey of significant trends in contemporary philosophical discussion. The need for such surveys has, I believe, increased rather than decreased over the last years. The philosophical scene appears, for various reasons, rather more complex than ever before. The continuing process of specialization in most branches, the emergence of new schools of thought, particularly in philosophical logic in the philosophy of language, and in social and political philosophy, the increasing attention being paid to the history of philosophy in discussions of contem- porary problems as well as the increasing interest in cross-cultural philosophical discussion, are the most important contributory factors. Surveys of the present kind are a valuable source of knowledge about this complexity and may as such be of assistance in renewing the understanding of one's own philosophical problems. The surveys, it is to be hoped, may help to strengthen the Socratic element of modern philosophy, the world wide dialogue or Kommunikationsgemeinschaft. So far, six volumes have been prepared for the new series. The present surveys in Asian Philosophy (Vol. 7) follow the surveys in the Philosophy of Language and Philosophical Logic (Vol. I), Philosophy of Science (Vol. 2), Philosophy of Action (Vol. 3), Philosophy of Mind (Vol. 4), African Philosophy (Vol. 5), and Medieval Philosophy Part 1-2 (Vol. 6).

Processing East Asian Languages

RRP $335.99

In recent years, there has been an upsurge of interest in the processing of major East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. These languages, due to their salient differences in structure from European languages, provide challenging opportunities to explore both language-specific processes involved in comprehension and communication and the universality of theories developed from the study of European languages.
This volume presents an exciting sample of the most recent research on the processing of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Topics range from written and spoken word processing to sentence and discourse comprehension. The authors include specialists working in major areas of language and cognitive processes from different parts of the world.

Hair Raising Stories

RRP $27.50

" HAIR RAISING STORIES" is a book about a number of my experiences as a hairdresser. Being in the business for twenty seven years, I have encountered many walks of life that have come through the salon door and have sat in my chair. The stories are all true, ( believe me, Id be hard pressed to make half this stuff up!) Although geared toward hair dressers world wide, it has universal appeal. There are many lessons to be learned throughout life and many lessons I have learned by working with the public and through my clients themselves. Many are humorous and will tickle the funny bone, while others will pull and tug at the heart. The reader will be drawn in and know they are not alone as they will be able to relate to some or most of the stories.

Explore Southeast Asian Islands

RRP $13.99

Where are the world's tallest twin towers located? Where is the world's biggest flower? What is a Jeepney? Want to see a Komodo dragon? Discover this and more inside. This Activity Book Series takes a fun approach to teaching History, Geography, Social Studies, Language and Art, by placing them into a "travel" theme. Explore Southeast Asian islands presents different cultures, places, events, and monuments as engaging, interactive activities for kids, ages 6-12. "Playful Learning" is the key. Great for on the road, in the train & in the air, the kids can get familiar with the major landmarks and special places and things in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia & Singapore. Engaging the kids in the trip makes for quality family time. Also fitting for the classroom & home-school, or for time well spent away from the TV. There's a great big world out there, Explore It! ------------------------------------------- This book includes: - Travel Activities: 54 pages filled with 14 different types of cultural activities from dot to dot, language say & write, mazes, drawing and more. Most activity books only provide 4-5 different activities, not this series. These activities also bring out the essence of the event, place or thing, letting the reader step deeper into the culture for a better experience. - Teachers Guide: Text explaining the history and origin of each activity is provided, so the learning can go deeper than just the activity itself. History, Geography, Social Studies and fun facts are expanded on here. - Answers Section: Make sure you can get it right n test yourself in the process. Some activities have more than one right answer and originality is encouraged. ------------------------------------------- Books available in the Explore Series: - Explore Western Europe http: // - Explore France & Italy https: // - Explore Southeast Asia https: // - Explore Thailand & Burma https: // - Explore Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam https: // - Explore Western Europe Interactive eBook (best for iPad): https: // Upcoming books in the Explore Series: - Explore Spain & Portugal - Explore USA and many more... ------------------------------------------- Be sure to come by and say hello at:


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